UCLA Sailing Team

South 3-4
Feb 11 2006

Marina del Rey, CA

UCLA hosted the PCIYRA South 3-4 regatta at our home facility in Marina Del Rey. Shiftier winds throughout the week previous favorably settled out for day one of the event. Blowing steadily from the southwest, the first day saw six races on both the A and B rotation and was refreshingly described as “college FJ racing at its best” by UCSB head coach Ty Reed. With nearly perfect conditions, UCSB clenched day one and UCLA finished mid fleet. The day was not without excitement for UCLA Sailing, however, as most notably skipper Matt Sirignano and crew Sarah Lewis grabbed a second, then first place finish. The Santa Ana winds gently rolled through the Marina Aquatic Center early
on day two, but then faded as morning wore on. Shifting to the traditional southwest direction, the channel then filled in and racing continued. UCLA again found itself in mid fleet, as USC dominated the field. With the exception of weak winds early Sunday morning, South 3-4 was run with remarkable efficiency and a big thanks to the Marina Aquatic Center, specifically Vlad Mikulich, John Nelson, and our coach Garrett Woodworth is in order. UCLA Sailing now turns it attention to team racing and our next regatta hosted by Cal Berkeley.