UCLA Sailing Team

South 5
Mar 3 2009

Long Beach, CA

South 5 started out with A divsion floating around Alamitos Bay in Long Beach waiting for the wind to fill in. Saturday was sailed on a new course most of our sailors hadn’t seen with a leeward gate in 3-7 knots of wind. Sunday there was some waiting around but races got off at about 11:30 in 5 knots, the winds continued to build throughout the day.

Varsity A was sailed by Kelly Kephart and Joana Que, Varsity B was sailed by Carmen Bozina and Danielle Ryan who sailed very well this weekend and got their first bullet in coed in the last race of Saturday, sandwiched by 2 second places in the 3rd and 5th races of the regatta. Varsity ended in 8th place overall, 4th in the district and qualified for PCCs along with USC, UCSB, UCI, and Chapman.

Women’s Varisty was sailed by Shannon Walker and Anna Schoenbrunner in A division and Halie Kampman and Neha Bazaj in B division. Both divisions sailed very well with a few top ten finishes each, finishing 13th overall.

We sailed 2 two JV boats, JV 1 A division was Oscar Jasklowski and Tatsuma Woo Kawaguchi, B division Drew Morton and Morgan Glier, this team finished 20th and was very evenly balanced between A and B. JV 2 was sailed by Billy Edwards, Lea Cohen and Colleen McHugh in A division and Eric Dita and Martha Thompson in B division. This team finished 24th. Also in the spirit of getting more boats on the line we had Richard Fuller and Taryn Aguiar crew for a UCSD JV skipper.

That was the last fleet racing JV regatta in our district, JV still has cal team race this weekend and Oregon in April to look forward to. Great job this weekend!!!!

Florida USF Women’s Regatta
Mar 3 2009

The women’s team went to sail in Tampa bay 2/21-2/22 for the USF Women’s Intersectional. This was our first east coast regatta and hopefully it can continue as a tradition. Kelly Kephart and Joana Que sailed all races in A division finishing 6th, with 4 bullets over the course of the weekend. Carmen Bozina and Danielle Ryan sailed B division all of Saturday and half of Sunday Shannon Walker and Anna Schoenbrunner sailed the other half of Sunday’s races, we finished 6th in B fleet as well. After a long two days of racing, both fleets on the water 18 races for each fleet we ended up finishing in 6th place. It was awesome to sail against some really competitive women’s teams that we haven’t had the chance to race in the past.

Thanks so much to the Browns who funded this trip, it would not have been possible without your support.