UCLA Sailing Team

North/South 2009
Jan 26 2010

Upon arriving at the El Capitan Campground on Friday night, the team was greeted with the task of pitching tents in the dark in a 25 knot northerly. Not surprisingly, the next morning the team woke up to two broken tent poles, some broken stakes, and a completely collapsed tent on top of JV skipper Milo Victor.

Expecting more of the same during the day, the cold and tired contingent of 24 sailors, 5 FJs, and 1 laser showed up to Santa Barbara Yacht Club only to find the wind had completely petered out. On the day, only 3 races were sailed in a dead or dying southwesterly in each division. This was the better day for B division’s Jasklowski and Woo Kawaguchi, whose best finish on the day was an 8th. Drew Morton’s back must have been hurting in the laser as he carried the team on that day with 8th, 11th, and 12th place finishes.

Not to be outdone by the previous night, winds on Saturday night again picked up to around 20, keeping everyone good and tired for the next day. Luckily, it’s not hard to find energy to sail when it’s sunny and 75 degrees with a steady helping of dolphins and 10 knots of breeze. Mark Anders and Neha Bazaj made the most of the ideal conditions in A division, winning a race, averaging a 6th on the day, and taking 7th place overall in A-division on the weekend. It’s safe to say that Mark’s back was hurting, as Jasklowski and Morton couldn’t get into much of a groove, not finishing much higher than mid fleet in any of the 8 races on the day. In the end UCLA took 11th in varsity.

UCLA made all kinds of noise in the JV fleet as well, highlighted by senior skipper Eric Dita scoring four 5th place finishes in B division and finishing 5th overall in B. Freshman skipper and crew pair Leo Daube and Emelia Pelliccio had a close encounter with a large seal, resulting in a capsize and the unfortunate loss of an 8th place position, their best of the weekend. All the freshman that made the trip deserve to be congratulated as they continue to improve throughout this young season. After a strong performance in A division, UCLA has high hopes for Rose Bowl, the next major intersectional in Long Beach in January.

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