UCLA Sailing Team

Rose Bowl 2010
Jan 26 2010

A bit of a change of pace from the 6 boat, 25 sailor extravaganza that was North South, only 4 sailors, 1 FJ, and 4 cheerleaders made the trip to long beach for the last weekend of winter break. Marking the end of the ICSA Fall season, Rose Bowl will be the last regatta junior skipper Billy Edwards will spend on the sidelines after being suspended for attempting to stab a competitor on the water last spring (this is a joke, the very mild mannered Edwards is sitting out a quarter to save eligibility for a 5th season). His highly anticipated debut will be at South 1-2, the weekend of January 30th. Alas, I digress.

Winter days in southern California are typically pretty light, and Saturday was no exception as racing got started around noon after a morning delay. In the 26 boat fleet, both A division’s Mark Anders and Neha Bazaj and B divisions Oscar Jasklowski and Tatsuma Woo-Kawaguchi managed 8th and 7th place finishes, with a helping of some mid-fleet finishes as well. At the end of the day, 4 races had been sailed in each division. In loosely related news, an anonymous cheerleader’s crustacean phobia had been elucidated when some lobsters washed up on the beach.

The competitors returned on Sunday, one of them sporting a new, fashionable “mullet” haircut. As excited as “team mullet mayhem wildcard” was to get on the water, this didn’t happen until around 2pm, after A division had finally managed to complete two races. The second race was Anders’ best finish of the weekend, 6th place, which unfortunately wouldn’t be counted because only one race was completed in B division. Jasklowski and Woo-Kawaguchi were plagued by over-earlies this weekend, which is something they will certainly be focusing on improving. “We will certainly be focusing on improving our over-earlies,” commented Woo-Kawaguchi after racing on Sunday. When it was all said and done, both Anders and Jasklowski had finished 12th in their respective divisions, resulting in a 12th place finish overall.

The next stop for the team will be Honolulu, Hawaii, as the annual PJ Wenner Invite is fast approaching. This event will be especially exciting for UCLA as Junior skippers Shannon Walker and Carmen Bozina (team captain) will be making their debuts after being abroad in the fall.

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