UCLA Sailing Team

Team Racing in the Bay 2010
Mar 17 2010

The weekend of March 6th was packed with team racing in the bay. UCLA, rolling DEEP as usual, sent one team to the Jeremy McIntyre Team Race at Stanford, another to the Cal Team Race at Treasure Island, and a third to a high school ladies fashion show in Fullerton. We’ll let it slide THIS time, Boomstacks.

Let’s start with the Cal Team Race. Please be advised that I was not there to witness the proceedings first hand, so some details might be stretched, twisted, or made up altogether. Sailing started right away as an awesome 8-10 knot breeze filled from the west and stuck around all day. The team, comprised of skippers Shannon Walker (junior), Drew Morton (junior), and Andrew Segal (freshman 4 lyfe), reported having some really good races, with Shannon and freshman crew Nora Brackbill starting particularly well. While there were other shining moments in their races, the team noted that consistency and a lack of practice as a team held them back a little this weekend. Overall, they came out with 5 wins and 8 losses, which was good for 4th place overall. In related news, Drew Morton hit his knee on the thwart possibly harder than anyone has ever hit their knee on a thwart before this weekend. Despite the injury, mental and physical toughness, some encouragement from his crew, and a lack of alternates kept him from having to sit out any races. The consistent breeze allowed for two and a half round robins to be completed, so Cal decided to end the regatta after just one day. Kind of a bummer if you ask me. They did provide boats, so I guess beggars can’t be choosers.

Moving on to McIntyre. The breeze was slow to fill on Saturday, with postponement ashore until around 1 o’clock. Racing began and ended in light and shifty breeze, which was less than enjoyable in the 420s, used to prepare for nationals in Wisconsin this year. All but a few races of the first round robin were completed that day. UCLA managed to beat UC Santa Cruz but lost a HEARTBREAKER to USC. We had a 1-3-4 rounding the leeward mark, and despite drawing a foul on the final beat, boats 2 through 6 ended up converging in a 5 boat cluster on their way upwind. After a blur of tacks, ducks, and profanity, UCLA ended up in the 5-6. I still have no explanation for what happened in those few seconds.

The forecast for Sunday was for strong breeze, and as promised, it blew about 15 knots all day. The first round robin was finished, with UCLA ending up in the bottom 4 of 10. A double consolation round robin was sailed, in which UCLA finished with 1 win and 5 losses. We caught a lot of frustrating breaks, including an umpire obstruction, which cost skipper Mark Anders the 1 in a race against Northwestern. Likewise, junior skipper Carmen Bozina had to avoid an umpire boat while doing a spin, which changed the combination in a race against Santa Cruz. Finally, Oscar fell out of the boat, which he really can’t blame anyone for no matter how he spins it. Maybe Tats. Yeah, Tats. Frustrating as it was, sailing in heavy breeze is always fun, and we came away from the weekend having learned a lot (particularly about starting strategy).

We’d like to give a big thanks to Carmen’s family for hosting us, and to Neha’s and Drew’s families for providing food. Next up is South 5 in Long Beach on the weekend of March 27th, where we can seal our qualifying spot for coed PCC’s! Details to come.

Stoney Burke Intersectional
Oct 14 2009

Treasure Island

With 4 boats, 17 sailors, and 1 cheerleader in Billy “BoomStacks” Edwards (who is red-shirting this fall to save eligibility for a super-senior season) the UCLA Sailing team made a bigger entrance to the annual intersectional regatta than the Blue Angels that were flying overhead.

Sailing began according to schedule on Saturday morning, with a shifty 6-9 knot breeze filling in from the west. “It’s hard out there. Boats are making both sides work. Roll for the instantaneous wind, not the average, because it’s really puffy,” coached captain and A division skipper Mark Anders as he handed B-division crew and fellow senior Tatsuma-Woo Kawaguchi the bailor. Following a solid A-division rotation, junior skipper Oscar Jasklowski’s nerves seemed to be getting to him as he limped across the line in 17th in both of his first two races. “I really shat the bed on that rotation. And that late 70′s FJ wasn’t helping me out either,” muttered a frustrated Jasklowski as he handed to boat off to a UC Irvine Anteater. In JV, senior skipper Eric Dita and crew Taryn Aguiar came out flying and bangin’ corners with a couple of 6th place finishes. Junior skipper Drew Morton and sophomore crew Lea Cohen were not far behind in 9th.
As the day progressed, the wind picked up to a solid 12 knots for the second rotation and a blustery 17 knots for the third. Perhaps the highlight of the regatta came during Anders’ and senior crew Neha Bazaj’s second rotation, when they finished 4th, and subsequently 1st. Booyah. Considering this is Anders’ first regatta in almost a full year, not too shabby. With stronger winds and a focusing pep-talk from BoomStacks, Jasklowski appeared to have gained some confidence after reeling in a 4th place finish. The building wind didn’t phase Drew Morton or his tree-trunk quads as he hiked his way into 7th in JV-A on the day.
Sunday’s 10a.m. report time seemed to catch Anders off guard, as he had some teammates ready to go by 9a.m. Sunday’s breeze started off much stronger than Saturdays, with puffs up to 15 knots, but gradually died as the day progressed until the final signal start around 4p.m. After taking a shroud to the face and bleeding all over an Oregon FJ, varsity B-division crew Woo-Kawaguchi was on fire spotting puffs and shifts, finishing near the top of the fleet five races in a row. A great day in B-division was marred by a disqualification in the last race for being over early. Sounds like Jasklowski needs to look up at his sail number more often. Morton continued his consistent sailing, and Sophomore skipper Andrew Segal torched some opponents in B-division with 4 top 10 finishes on the weekend.
On behalf of the UCLA Sailing team, we would like to give a big thanks to Mark Anders’ family and Richard Fuller’s sister for giving us a place to sleep, eat, and warm up after the cold conditions. Also, new crews Erin Riley, Linda Wennerstrom, Carly Olenick, and Ingrid Shin deserve a special congratulations for braving the cold in the little gear they had. We hope to see them back for Frosh Soph in Mission Bay on October 17th.

Coed PCCs
May 25 2009

San Francisco, CA

Coed PCCs was sailed at St. Francis Yacht Club hosted by Stanford University. Kelly Kephart skippered in A division with crews Joana Que and Drew Morton. Carmen Bozina skippered in B division with crews Danielle Ryan and Oscar Jasklowski. Both Carmen and Kelly were the only women skippers in their divisions and it was tough to keep up with the boys sailing on the San Francisco city front, wind averaging 20 knots. A division ended in 10th place, B division ended also in 10th place, overall UCLA ended up 10th in the Pacific Coast District.