UCLA Sailing Team

Florida USF Women’s Regatta
Mar 3 2009

The women’s team went to sail in Tampa bay 2/21-2/22 for the USF Women’s Intersectional. This was our first east coast regatta and hopefully it can continue as a tradition. Kelly Kephart and Joana Que sailed all races in A division finishing 6th, with 4 bullets over the course of the weekend. Carmen Bozina and Danielle Ryan sailed B division all of Saturday and half of Sunday Shannon Walker and Anna Schoenbrunner sailed the other half of Sunday’s races, we finished 6th in B fleet as well. After a long two days of racing, both fleets on the water 18 races for each fleet we ended up finishing in 6th place. It was awesome to sail against some really competitive women’s teams that we haven’t had the chance to race in the past.

Thanks so much to the Browns who funded this trip, it would not have been possible without your support.