UCLA Sailing Team

Fall Recruitment 2013
Sep 26 2013

Calling all prospective sailors!
We will be having our Fall recruitment meeting on Monday, September at 5 pm. We will be meeting by the Bruin Bear and then going into the John Wooden Center. We will also be hosting a recruitment BBQ at the MAC (Marina Aquatic Center) with carpooling from De Neve Turnaround at 2 pm on Friday, October 4th. If you can’t make these events please contact us at sailing@ucla.edu.



On October 5th and 6th there is a Freshman and Sophomore Regatta in San Diego, and this is a great opportunity for new sailors to get out on the water in racing situations. We would love to see some new faces representing the UCLA sailing team! We will be staying with our captain Erica Parker at her house in San Diego.

South 1-2
Feb 16 2009

Mission Bay

The first of the south series was sailed in Mission Bay. South 1 and 2 are two seperate regattas that count towards standings in the south, top 5 teams after the conclusion of the series go to Coed PCCs

South 1 was sailed in light winds between 2 and 5 knots, 5 races were completed in each division. Kelly Kephart and Joana Que sailed Varsity A finishing 9th on Saturday, Carmen Bozina and Danielle Ryan sailed Varsity B finishing 4th on Saturday for a combined overall 5th place. Women’s Varsity was sailed by Shannon Walker, Anna Schoenbrunner, Halie Kampman, and Neha Bazaj who finished 16th overall. JV was sailed by Drew Morton, Morgan Glier, Eric Dita, Tatsuma Woo-Kawaguchi, and Lea Cohen who finshed 20th. All divisions were sailed together.

South 2 saw a little more wind building from 5 to 12 knots, 6 races were completed in each division. The same varsity team sailed on Sunday A division ended up 4th, B division ended up 11th for an overall finish of 6th. Women’s Varsity also sailed by the same people, A division in 14th and B division in 13th for an overall finish of 14th. JV was also sailed by the same people with the addition of Taryn Aguiar as an A divsion crew. JV finished 18th on Sunday.

After the first two south series UCL A is on track to qualify for PCCs, ranking 4th in the southern conference.

Also as a result of South 1-2 Varsity sailors Kelly Kephart and Joana Que were named women sailors of the week. Sailor of the week is a new honor that the PCCSC district has started and this was the first week.

Frosh / Soph
Oct 23 2008

Mission Bay

Hosted by UCSD and MBYC, the regatta saw winds from 6-12 kts mostly out of the North-West, plenty of sun and mild temperatures ranging from 65-75 degrees. Consistent breeze allowed 14 races in each division over the two day event making for a fantastic regatta. There was much shuffling of skippers and crews over the weekend, so the scores don’t mean all that much, but overall UCLA JV 1 came in 15th and UCLA JV 2 came in 18th on day 1 (only JV 1 sailed on Sunday) out of 23 boats. Returning sailors were Drew Morton, Billy Edwards, Carmen Bozina, and Karleen Wray. We are very proud of the 4 new team members, Andrew Segal, Jay Ballen, Tatsuma Woo-Kawaguchi, and Oscar Jasklowski, who came out and sailed in their first (or second) college regatta ever, despite only being on the team for a few weeks with minimal time to learn the finer points of racing FJ’s. Also a big thanks to Danielle Ryan for joining us, helping out on the race committee and feeding the team with delicious burritos from Hector’s and Santana’s.