UCLA Sailing Team

St. Francis
Apr 6 2009

San Francisco, CA

St Francis is typically a high wind regatta that sees winds from 17 to 30 knots. This year that was not the case. Saturday racing was postponed due to a lack of wind and a huge current. Racing finally started around 1:30 in about 7 knots the wind increased to a high of 13 knots, 6 A division races were sailed and 4 B division races were sailed. Sunday saw much of the same conditions with a current that made it impossible to sail 4 B division rotations were finished and 2 A division races were finished. In these tough conditions in a 32 boat fleet UCLA finished 21st overall, 24th in A division and 19th in B division.

In A division races 1-6 were sailed by Kelly Kephart and Joana Que, races 7-8 were sailed by Shannon Walker and Tatsuma Woo-Kawaguchi.

B division races 1-2, 5-8 were sailed by Carmen Bozina and Danielle Ryan, races 3-4 were sailed by Carmen Bozina and Oscar Jasklowski.

Alex Adams was also in attendance as an alternate.
Thanks so much to recent alumni Steph Spilker and Steph Adams for coming out to watch and support us.
Also thank you to the Ryan’s who continuously provide wonderful food for our hungry sailors and to the Bozinas who open their home and also provide wonderful food to our team anytime we are in the area. We really do appreciate all of the support we get from UCLA parents =)

Coed PCCs will be sailed next weekend also at St Francis, so this weekend was hopefully good practice for that, if the conditions stay the same.

St. Francis Intersectional
Apr 10 2005

San Francisco, CA

By Sarah Lewis
As the UCLA team headed to Norcal for the Annual St. Francis regatta the rains cleared leaving two beautiful days full of sunshine and lots of wind! 31 varsity teams came from all over the country, including the Universities of Hawaii, Notre Dame, and Columbia. Steady winds, characteristic of this region, blew around 12-15 knots both days, with gusts over 18 knots. Clearly this was not the weather for light air crews, as Varsity B crew Sarah Lewis learned after falling out of a moving boat, but recovering with a 16th place after losing only 2 boats. On Sunday JV races ended early due to high winds and multiple capsizes. UCI took an early lead on the weekend’s races, which it was able to hold onto despite strong comebacks by USC and Stanford.