UCLA Sailing Team

Cal State Team Race
Apr 6 2009

Long Beach, CA

With two team race regattas under our belts this year UCLA went to the US Sailing Center in Long Beach March 28-29. Cal State Team race is the qualifier for Team Race PCCs in April the top 6 teams from this regatta qualify for PCCs. 8 teams competed in the event UCI, Stanford, USC, CMA, UCSB, Cal, UCLA, and Chapman. 2 round robins were sailed with all 8 teams then the teams were split into a top and bottom 4 with the top 4 teams (Stanford, UCI, USC, CMA) going to PCCs and the bottom 4 teams (UCSB, UCLA, Cal, Chapman) battling it out for the last 2 spots. After the first 2 round robins UCLA was in 6th place beating Cal once and Chapman twice. UCLA then moved onto the final bottom 4 where we lost to UCSB and beat Cal and Chapman on the water. After several protests were heard between UCLA and Chapman, 12 points were added to UCLAs scores and the scores for the bottom three teams UCLA, Cal, and Chapman were brought to a tie breaker that couldn’t be broken by who beat who. The points were then counted putting Cal in 6th place with 62 points UCLA in 7th place with 68 points and Chapman in 8th place with 71 points. UCLA did not qualify for Team Race PCCs but had a lot of experience with the protest room and learned that that is not the place races should be decided, we now know if in doubt we should do the circle to avoid a he said she said debate.

Skippers for this regatta were Kelly Kephart, Oscar Jasklowski, and Billy Edwards, crews were Joana Que, Danielle Ryan, Corey Rovzar, and Tatsuma Woo-Kawaguchi.

Congrats to Billy for sailing in his first Varisty regatta and to Corey for sailing in her first college regatta!!!
great job guys =)

McIntyre Team Race
Apr 6 2009

Redwood City, CA

The McIntyre team included skippers Kelly Kephart, Carmen Bozina, and Oscar Jasklowski, crews included Joana Que, Danielle Ryan, and Tatsuma Woo-Kawaguchi.

Saturday teams sailed in light winds for about 6 races before the Stanford basin glassed over, teams waited for the breeze until about 3 and continued sailing in about 12 knots until 6:30 racing was followed by an umpire debrief and a dinner at Sequoia Yacht Club. 34 races of the first round robin were finished on Day 1. The end of the round robin was finished on Sunday morning in light winds splitting the fleet into a top 6 and bottom 4. Top 6 teams included UCI, Stanford, USC, Navy, UH, and Washington College. A consolation round was also sailed for the bottom 4 UCSB, UCLA, UW, and UCSD. The conselation round was sailed in 420s UCSD did not sail because of injury we raced UW and won then raced UCSB once for the round robin and despite a close race lost one. We then raced UCSB again for more practice and they were victorious again. This regatta was a very good learning experience for all, it really pays to sail against teams that know how to team race so we can get some real on the water experience.

It was also nice to meet a UCLA Alumni, Kevin Richards who was working with the umpire team for this event.

Thanks so much to recent Alum Steph Spilker who kept us all organized and energized with boat rotations and food runs. Thanks are also in order for the Ryan family who provided wonderful food for the regatta and the Bozinas for hosting us all at their house.

Cal Team Race
Apr 6 2009

Treasure Island

We sent a team of JV sailors to Treasure Island March 7-8 for the annual Cal Team Race. Skippers we had Billy Edwards, Kassie Klaritsch, and Andrew Segal crewing we had Taryn Aguiar, Neha Bazaj, Martha Thompson, and Lea Cohen. Mark Anders and Maggie Matthews were also in attendence to help facilitate the event. This regatta was a great learning experience for the team and they even won a few races. Other teams in attendance included 2 teams from the host UC Berkeley, UCSC, CMA, and Stanford JV. After 15 races UCLA JV ended with a 2-13 win loss record.